Energy Storage

94% of United States energy storage is from
Pumped Hydroelectric Storage (Water Batteries)"


Why Energy Storage

The ability to store energy made now for future use is critical to reliably and effectively meeting fluctuating and uncertain large-scale electrical grid demands. Rye Development is at the forefront of energy storage in the form of hydropower. Hydropowered energy storage is an efficient, long-term, and cost effective way to store bulk amounts power; it is also quickly dispatchable making it extremely responsive for load balancing grids. Rye’s hydropower storage is non-consumptive, carbon emission free, and renewable, balancing environmental responsibility with commercial necessity.

Water Batteries

Large volumes of water can be easily stored for future use; for example a reservoir can hold a large volume of water that is quickly converted to electricity when released through turbines as needed, but is dormant when not in use, like a “water battery.”

Water batteries can be renewed through “recharging” the system. Pumped storage systems, also called closed-loop or non-consumptive systems, work by letting water flow downhill through turbines during the day, producing electricity at peak use times, and then being pumped back uphill at night, renewing the energy source during low use times. The water batteries are effectively “recharged” and the same water is reused to generate and store new energy. This process does not use water to recharge batteries and has no carbon emissions, making it an environmentally responsible source of energy storage.

Hydropowered energy storage is also flexible and controllable in a way that other energy sources are not. In times of high-demand electricity usage, water batteries and other systems can be activated in 15 seconds to incrementally increase energy generation. Overgeneration of electricity during low-demand usage can be stored for future use. The quick responsiveness and controlled generation make hydropower a high-value, cost effective energy storage solution.

The development of water batteries by Rye also brings needed infrastructure support, job creation, and energy security to a multitude of communities around the United States.

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Water Batteries Infographic

Benefits of Water Batteries




Stable Generation

No Carbon Emissions


Cost Competitive

Economic Development