Project Details

Given a mandate by Congress to streamline the licensing process for hydropower projects, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (the FERC) piloted a two-year licensing process. FFP New Hydro’s project at Kentucky Lock and Dam #11 was the only project selected nationwide for this pilot process. Generating equipment will be installed in the unused lock chamber at this dam, which is owned by the Kentucky River Authority.

Project River FERC No. Expected COD Design Capacity Annual Generation Dam Owner
Kentucky River L&D 11 Kentucky P-14276 2022 5.0 MW 18.5 MWh Kentucky River Authority

At a Glance

This project will produce over
18,500 megawatt hours annually of low-cost, domestic energy that is safe, reliable and emissions-free.


1,700 Homes Powered

Economic Benefit

Investment in this project will provide hundreds of local jobs through construction, operation and maintenance.
The lifetime of this project is expected to exceed 80 years, contributing to the local economy for several generations.