Project Details

Six projects on the Muskingum River will be located in the southeastern part of the Buckeye State on historic timber crib dams that still host the oldest hand-operated lock system in the United States. These projects, on dams owned by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, are designed to be visually compatible with the historic character of these dams.

Project River FERC No. Expected COD Design Capacity Annual Generation Dam Owner
Rokeby Lock & Dam Muskingum P-13411 2022 4.0 MW 18.4 GWh Ohio DNR
Philo Lock & Dam Muskingum P-13408 2022 3.0 MW 17.5 GWh Ohio DNR
Malta Lock & Dam Muskingum P-13406 2022 4.0 MW 30.7 GWh Ohio DNR
Devola Lock & Dam Muskingum P-13405 2022 4.0 MW 52.2 GWh Ohio DNR
Lowell Lock & Dam Muskingum P-13407 2022 5.0 MW 30.7 GWh Ohio DNR
Beverly Lock & Dam Muskingum P-13404 2022 3.0 MW 52.2 GWh Ohio DNR

At a Glance

This project will produce over
132 gigawatt hours annually of low-cost, domestic energy that is safe, reliable and emissions-free.


12,000 Homes Powered

Economic Benefit

Investment in these projects will provide hundreds of local jobs through construction, operation and maintenance.
The lifetime of these projects is expected to exceed 80 years, contributing to the local economy for several generations.