Project Details

Southwestern Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh is known for the Three Rivers – the Allegheny, the Monongahela and the Ohio. Navigational locks and dams on these rivers, owned and operated by the US Army Corps of Engineers, provide an opportunity for the incorporation of a renewable form of energy generation powered by the resource the region is known for.

Project River FERC No. Expected COD Design Capacity Annual Generation Dam Owner
Allegheny L&D #2 Allegheny P-13755 2022 17.0 MW 83.3 GWh USACE
Grays Landing L&D Monongahela P-13763 2022 12.0 MW 45.7 GWh USACE
Monongahela L&D #4 Monongahela P-13766 2022 12.0 MW 46.5 GWh USACE
Maxwell L&D Monongahela P-13757 2022 13.0 MW 54.8 GWh USACE
Point Marion L&D Monongahela P-13771 2022 5.0 MW 15.8 GWh USACE
Emsworth L&D Ohio P-13761 2022 24.0 MW 101.0 GWh USACE
Emsworth Back Channel L&D Ohio P-13765 2022 12.0 MW 52.2 GWh USACE
Montgomery L&D Ohio P-13767 2022 42.0 MW 191.4 GWh USACE

At a Glance

This project will produce over
590 gigawatt hours annually of low-cost, domestic energy that is safe, reliable and emissions-free.


54,000 Homes Powered

Economic Benefit

Investment in these projects will provide hundreds of local jobs through construction, operation and maintenance.
The lifetime of these projects is expected to exceed 80 years, contributing to the local economy for several generations.

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